Monday, June 30, 2008


Some like it hot, some like it Cole...

I had a good weekend. A good, solid weekend, which was filled with outings (dinner/show/soccer in Scituate), and innings (made pesto, biscuits, went for a run, visited the farmers market, cooked up some rainbow chard).

On Friday, P and I met up with R&F for dinner and a show....

While the show had some rough patches and they originally messed up our tickets, the second half was quite fun (perhaps it was the free champagne in tiny plastic champagne flutes?). After the show, we even had a late-night drink at Rialto, where I had my new refreshing favorite St. Germain cocktail. P and I walked home through a romantic foggy night.

I'll get to Sunday soon! But, for now, it would be lovely if I could catch my bus home...

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