Monday, June 30, 2008


Some like it hot, some like it Cole...

I had a good weekend. A good, solid weekend, which was filled with outings (dinner/show/soccer in Scituate), and innings (made pesto, biscuits, went for a run, visited the farmers market, cooked up some rainbow chard).

On Friday, P and I met up with R&F for dinner and a show....

While the show had some rough patches and they originally messed up our tickets, the second half was quite fun (perhaps it was the free champagne in tiny plastic champagne flutes?). After the show, we even had a late-night drink at Rialto, where I had my new refreshing favorite St. Germain cocktail. P and I walked home through a romantic foggy night.

I'll get to Sunday soon! But, for now, it would be lovely if I could catch my bus home...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

in need of a thought...

Was in dire need of a lovely thought and received the following suggested thought(s) from S, whom P and I will visit for the 4th of July:

"...Us, wine, outside, nice weather, A’s grilling, PAC’s one yet? Oh, and bring your bathing suits. We have an indoor heated pool that is fabulous."

PAC = haaappeeee.

Thanks, S. CanNOT wait to see you all.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

but everything was fine...

This is the weather report that P and I saw while waiting for our delayed plane to Chicago last week:

Bad weather!

But! Everything was fine. We made it, and had a fantastic time with family and friends.

went to a ballgame

Introduced P to White Castle

Went to a pub where we sat on tree-thrones

Spent some time with Gramma

We went directly from Chicago to DC/DC/NYC for work, but now we're home and can think about our nice visit out mid-west way. Thank you Aunt Mar and Uncle Stu for being such great hosts! We want to visit again soon!


Friday, June 6, 2008

it eez a lake fish

I have safely returned from my adventures in France, and will now begin detoxifying. I didn't realize that one could eat fois gras and a vat of fondue in a single sitting, drink a bottle of wine and not have one's heart immediately explode in one's chest. However, it is possible. At the request of Pucho, I would like to update you on something I learned (or didn't learn?) about French food. French fish to be exact.

For the past four years, I have had the unlucky job requirement of making an annual trip to Talloires, France which, by the way, is one of the 1000 places you should see before you die. Check. It is a culinary extravaganza filled with local seasonal produce, meats, cheeses, chocolate, and wine. As Talloires is situated on beautiful, pristine Lac Annecy, fish often feature prominently on our menus. I have learned many new fish vocabulary words: perche (perch), brochet (pike, I believe), truite (trout), and finally: féra. Comment dit-t-on féra en anglais? I ask every year. The reply I receive without fail: it eez a lake fish.

Do you know this fish?

Ah, I see, a "lake fish." Not only a lake fish, but most definitely not a fish that we have in the States. Non. This fish exists only in lakes of Savoie and Lake Geneva. You do not have zis feesh! How French, I kept thinking. They can't possibly imagine that this fantastic fish could exist somewhere outside of France (or French-speaking Switzerland). My curiosity piqued again this year, I have done some research on féra and have come to one definite conclusion: féra is, indeed, a very special lake fish.