Sunday, May 25, 2008


CAKE: I love them madly, for some reason...

Ok, I have to preface this entry with an announcement: I am writing this outside, on my balcony, in the sun. I am wearing shorts and drinking coffee. I am happy.

On Saturday, P and I headed down to the Esplanade for Earth Fest. While I consider myself ecologically aware and try to be environmentally sound on an individual level, I am not particularly crunchy. I must admit, the real reason for going to Earth Fest was not the planet, but rather, CAKE.

[Note: Earth Fest was sponsored by Whole Foods, so the event itself was not particularly crunchy, but more like yuppie-crunchy.]

It was tres fun. Added bonuses besides fantastic CAKE, was a performance by Cracker (remember them?), homeade Ginger Beer by Irie Tea, lots of interesting people watching, and a Zombie Parade. Nothing says "save the planet" like Zombies offering free hugs... 'twas fun.


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Courtney said...

I am so so so so so jealous about Cake! SO jealous. I still love them!