Saturday, May 10, 2008



I recently went through a somewhat traumatic experience: I thought I had lost Arthur forever. I made an appointment with him at my usual place several months ago. All seemed fine, until they called to confirm my appointment and told me Jean-Pierre would be cutting my hair. "I don't know Jean-Pierre!" I wailed. The woman on the phone assured me that I "would like him," but after some quick Yelp research, I was pretty durn sure that I would not like him in the least.

The last time I tried to be assertive with a hairstylist, I STILL ended up with those early 2000's trendy bangs (which I had explicitly forbade). J-P did not sound like my type at all. [Yelp quote: He was the most arrogant stylist I have ever interacted with, and the results made me feel like I had a more dull and predictable haircut than the one I walked in with.]

Then, while enjoying a post-Kentucky Derby beer at Bukowski, I received a text message from J: "I found Arthur."

I immediately made myself an appointment at his cute new place and have since received a lovely short-hair cut. It's like old times. I love him becaues he says things to me like: "How Parisi-enne!" or "When you go to France, everyone will say, 'oh, your coiffure'!" Which, of course, makes me say "Teeeeeeheeeee!" He always ends my cut by asking where I'm going for a date that night because my hair (not just my hair, but I myself!) looks very sexy.

Love. Him.


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Courtney said...

Simply stunning!

I am going to continue the drive to MD for my hair...the beltway, the's all worth it for the perfect cut!