Friday, May 2, 2008

bet on it

Tomorrow marks two auspicious occasions. First, it is my dear Father's birthday. Happy birthday, Dad. Secondly, this year's Kentucky Derby falls on the same day. Double the celebration.

Most who know me know that I have a slight obsession with the Derby, am quite fond of bourbon, and would love to live somewhere where it is appropriate to wear big hats. This pretty much makes the Kentucky Derby holiday-worthy in my mind.

Celebrating the 2006 Kentucky Derby
(Yes, some of the only big hats available were sombreros,
but it's the thought that counts.)

Right now there is some contemplation in my household about a potential partially-impromptu KD viewing party. I'm thinking champagne brunch or lunch, followed by Mint Juleps and some friendly wagering. I even know what I'm going to wear (still gotta find a hat, though).

Now I'm trying to decide which horse I should put my money (or drinks, neck rubs, IOUs, etc.) on. Usually, I just pick a name I like. Here are some faves so far: Big Truck (whose sire was Hook and Ladder), Pyro, and El Gato Malo (pretty awesome name). If you have a favorite you'd like me to bet on for you, check out the list here.


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eyeheartorange said...

love the pic! So sad about Eight Belles :(