Tuesday, April 8, 2008

deep blue something

On Sunday, I went to the aquarium to see my power animal: the penguin. I love these guys, I do. Not so much in a Happy Feet sort of way, but I wouldn't mind coming home from work and having a little penguin friend to hang out with. And yes, I realize how off-balance that sounds.

Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the little guys (all 72 of them) were not in their usual home because their habitat is being renovated. Instead, you can go outside in the freezing cold and peer through some child-height windows to see them in their temporary digs, which consist mostly of slightly-larger-than-normal bathtubs. Poor guys!

I had to find a new favorite animal for the day. Strangely enough, some jellyfish fit the bill.

Exotic jelly...

I have many childhood memories of jelly fish from my days at the beach in Delaware. I know memory does not serve me correctly in my estimate that some of them were 14 in across. One day, my dad caught one in our big plastic plaster bucket that I used to play with and dumped it under the lifeguard's chair. Inside it you could see an entire crab. The next day there were only ants under the chair.

Deep blue something....

Pretty, but only behind glass. Hope the penguins will be back soon.


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Pucho said...

I think you should add penguins, governors, and jellyfish to your "lovely labels."