Sunday, March 2, 2008

Southern hospitality

I just had such a wonderful, comfortable, fun weekend with Southern T. I think she's perhaps even more charming now after living for the past several years in Atlanta.

While the term "northern hospitality" doesn't really seem to exist, "southern hospitality" is easy to google up. A Wikipedia excerpt from that entry: A large component of the idea of Southern hospitality is the provision of Southern cuisine to visitors... Food figures highly in Southern hospitality. A cake or other delicacy is often brought to the door of a new neighbor as a mechanism of introduction.

True to form, food factored highly in this weekend's activities, beginning with T's arrival. Knowing my proclivity for cultural gifts and cute packaging, she brought me and P the best host/ess gift from the south -- adorably presented Jiffy with a handwritten Southern Corn Casserole recipe, in a Georgia-made dish. (And, an awesome Georgia-themed CD; so thoughtful!)

Adorable host/ess gift

Adorable detail

I really enjoyed T's reaction to February/March in New England. I loved that she was actually enjoying a damp, gray day because it reminded me of some of the fun parts of winter around here. For instance....

Delicious hot chocolate to-go from LA Burdick...
Photo courtesy of T

Other highlights included mixing some cocktails, enjoying Indian food, shopping for exotic spices, having a late leisurely lunch, sampling some new liqueur, and sharing Raclette at J&K's place.

Exotic spices at Christina's...

Lunch stop to warm up
Photo courtesy of T

I must go down to Atlanta to experience T's hometown. Road trip in April, don't forget. Thanks, T, for making the trip and for one of the best weekends!! Can't wait to see you again soon.



Courtney said...

Looks like a lovely weekend!

eyeheartorange said...

dude, we look like weird hot chocolate guzzling aliens in that one pic. What gives? I guess that's the risk when you use the take-it-yourself technique instead of summoning a kind passer-by. oh well, it's all about making memories, even at a weird angle...

L said...

Yah. I kinda have a five-head. You look cute though!