Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Not a lovely day here. No, not at all. It is nasty, wet/snowy, gray, and P and I have been nutty with work. We are at the end of a New England winter and it. Is. Dragging. P had an especially stressful day, so upon arriving home, we set to work to fix it.

P trudged back out quickly to pick up a few things to make some family recipe spaghetti sauce, while I prepped the kitchen.

Bad day, but got some sausage!

The first move to shaking off a bad day is to put on comfy clothes; cottony pants and fleecy top for me, something slightly more masculine for P (his fleecy top is black). Next, in order to think clearly it is imperative to have just a little something in your stomach.

Olive oil, maple-smoked salt, fresh bread

We started the carb load while examining my family recipe:

Family Recipe...
[Click image, and you can try my mom's sauce, too]

I'm not sure what my favorite thing about this actual physical recipe is. It might be that my mother didn't list out all of the ingredients, or include amounts of said unlisted/partially listed ingredients. It might be that it has clearly been consulted many times as the splatters and bits of food stuck to it illustrate. Or, perhaps it is the fact that just seeing this piece of paper calms me as I anticipate the result and remember many cozy spaghetti dinners past. There are few better things on a cold winter day than a pot of fragrant sauce simmering away.


I could see the sauce start to work its magic on P, and he began to relax.

P & meat: special skill -- the perfect meatball
[I use ground pork for the meatballs]

I knew this was clearly going to be a dinner-on-the-couch night instead of a civilized dinner-at-the-table night, which calls for something very important:

Stemless wine glasses -- good for dinner-on-the-couch

So, warmed, wined, and sauced, we are feeling much better, thank you.



Courtney said...

I remember spaghetti and meatballs at your house, growing up! I love that you have the printed out recipe.

We haven't had the snow, but the damp, chilly days are getting to us here, too. I knew how un-springlike it is when Andrew requested Chicken Pot Pie for his birthday dinner...

Dear Spring, We're ready for you to come...any time now! Thanks, Courtney


sarah said...

now that's how to cure a bad day! i have come to the age where i can finally admit that wine really does help. :)

eyeheartorange said...

mmm, looks yummy! I have the day off today and wish I was spending it cooking, but instead I am organizing my closet and trying to purge unneeded items, like Old Navy t-shirts I've had since grade 9.

Here's to the weekend and wine-ing down. This is a term my coworkers and I believe we invented although I am sure others have thought of it, too. Either way, sounds like a very good idea.