Monday, March 31, 2008

If you like pina coladas...

Pina Colada in the dark...

Then you really should just make yourself a few. It's super easy. P called this picture "the next addition to L's online alcohol journal." May I counter with: It wouldn't be very interesting to write about the nights I act all healthy, non? All, today I woke up, ate oatmeal, went for a run... Do you know what I do on Friday nights? I put on my PJs and watch freakin' Ghost Whisperer. Yeah, blah. Would much rather write about the times when I have delicious cocktails and cook something new.

This weekend, we were feeling tropical, so whipped up some pina coladas (dark rum version, of course) to accompany some Spicy Roasted Asian Fish. It was from Cooking Light, and met my criteria of super-easy, tastes really good. I couldn't find a link for the recipe, but here's an approximation -- we used cod, which worked out fine, but think you could use any other fish that holds up well in baking.

Preheat oven to 425 (or a little hotter).
Combine in blender or food processor:
  • Some chopped garlic (3 cloves or so)
  • 1/4 cup light coconut milk
  • 1 1/2 T fish sauce
  • A bunch of chili sauce, to taste (2T or so)
    [Note: I
    must write about fantastic Indian mart around the corner that has mulitple versions of chili sauce and rose water(!), which I'll have to use in something interesting soon...]
  • Chopped up ginger (a few Ts)
  • Chopped lemon grass (2 Ts or so)
  • Lime juice (I totally left out this ingredient by accident, don't do that!)
If there are 2 of you, get a lb or less of your fish and cut into two fillets. Put in a baking pan or dish and pour in the sauce from the food processor. Coat both sides, pop in preheated oven. Should take about 8min per inch of thickness of the fish if you use cod.

Cook your cod (or halibut, etc...)

I sauteed up some summer squash and zucchini as a side, sprinkled with S&P.

SS&Z, with S&P...

et voila!

For those interested in the beverage, pina coladas are way easier than I thought, and much tastier not all fake and frozen (and with dark rum). P found the recipe on my fancy cocktail drink coasters. Here it is, but add an extra shot of rum:

Like above, but use 2 shots dark rum
and put it on the rocks (crushing ice is too much work).
Actually, just put in as much of each ingredient as you feel like.
I was feeling extra coconutty....

Yeeees.... it's not March. No.... it's late April and I'm in the Carribbean. Yeah, that's it....


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Courtney said...

Thank you for the article! I got it last night, and plan to read it as soon as Benjamin goes down for his nap! I appreciate it!