Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy speculation

P musing on life....

P has a tenancy to speculate on things. We'll be discussing some totally mundane subject and the next thing I know, he's waxing poetic on all the reasons why he thinks WBUR's NPR station conducts its roses-for-sale fundraising campaign the way it does as compared to the way he imagines other NPR stations must do their fundraising, or could do their fundraising, or should do their fundraising. It's a charming personality trait.

Last night, P's speculation on the months ahead turned into a lovely, rambling musing monologue of what lies in store for us this summer. It was filled with visions of island hikes, memories of the scent of crushed passion fruit under our hiking boots in Hawaii, remembered and imagined vistas from mountain tops, road trips through the summer countryside, the reasons why you should always bet on gray horses at the racetrack, visiting farmers markets more often this year then we did last year, cooking with the windows open, reuniting with too seldom seen friends, and all the various things we have to celebrate.

All this while making me a martini.



eyeheartorange said...

he's a keeper!

Courtney said...

Love it! That picture is absolutely fantastic.