Thursday, March 27, 2008

almost there....

I admit it. I'm struggling through March, as I knew I would be.

Positives: It broke 50 degrees, crocus (croci? crocuses?), saw a robin, wore a coat that was not made of wool, still light at 6pm.

Challenges: Temp is dropping, clouds rolled in, heard it might snow... again, need sun desperately as skin has become translucent.

Ok, ok, positive thinking, lovely thoughts, here goes...

I am going on vacation soon.

Soon after, I will be in Talloires. Even when it's gray there, it's still beautiful.

Rain in France is not so bad because, well, you're in France.

I will be having delicious Cambridge 1 pizza in 2 hours. I already know what I will order: Half of a #1, glass of Edmond St. John Rocks & Gravel (described as "warm and spicy" to combat the weather), perhaps a bresaola/arugula/shaved parmesean salad to share...)

I have no plans this weekend. I can do this.


1 comment:

JuneBug said...

yes, you can do this. the dregs of winter are hard for us all! surprisingly, having just moved from Ithaca to Burlington made me realize how long winter actually is...