Friday, February 1, 2008


No, really! TGIF. I've been waking up every day since Wednesday thinking that it is Friday. Cruel world! However, when I woke up today, it really was Friday. What a relief. Nothing horrible happened this week, but the anticipation of the weekend has been killing me for some reason. Here are some things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

Oui! Je t'aime, Paris!

1. Watching Paris, je t'aime (ooh, la la, I will drink wine while watching).

J'aime bien ce vin.

2. Wearing the fuzzy, magenta socks my brother gave me for Christmas.

3. Cooking butternut squash risotto.

This book is about some of my favorite
things (food) and places (Paris, New Orleans)...

4. Spending quiet time at home reading this book instead of watching the Super Bowl. It has tons of gorgeous recipes in it.

5. Sleeping in.

Happy Friday,


Kristen said...

What, no (weak) rosemary mint gimlets?

L said...

Thank goodness, right?! I never asked how 10am hockey was...