Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teriffic TTMTP

I am having a visitor this weekend!

My terrific, charming, and all together fun friend T is coming up from Hotlanta for a visit. It did occur to me that I one should probably go south rather than north in March, but luckily she forgot that it's still winter up here.

Me & TTMTP in CO advertising Diet Coke to passers-by.

Now I'm trying to think up some fun things to do while she's here. I'm thinking perhaps a Saturday outing to Inman Square if she's up for it, which would definitely include a stop here, and retro cocktails here. Just an idea though. T, if you're reading this -- your Bostony wish is my command. Cambridge is my specialty. Let me know if you have any ideas in mind....


Monday, February 25, 2008

The opposite of smelting

While P was off smelting with his man friends (collectively known as "Mantown"), T and I set out to do the opposite...

T prepares for a girly afternoon.... Cheers!

Here's how our respective weekends unfolded...

Mantown: Sitting in a cold shack with ice underneath.

Cold smelting shanty...

T&L: Sitting on a comfy couch wearing fuzzy slipper socks and enjoying heat included in the rent.

T's fuzzy slipper socks

Mantown: Drinking beer, sharing the one and only smelt that was caught.

D caught THE smelt...

Beer while waiting for the smelt to bite...

T&L: Drinking kir royals, sharing Dancing Deer Molasses cookies, fresh melon, beautiful walnuts, and special tiny pastries brought by T from Konditor Meister.

The set-up

Konditor Meister treats

Mantown: Watching a hole in the ice for any sign of small, elusive fish.

Patience is a virtue when smelting...

T&L: Watching a horribly girly movie, and not really paying attention because we're talking too much.

Parting gift for Mantown: Bones of one caught smelt.

Party gift for T: Fuzzy slipper socks and a springtime candle packaged in a tiny lavender gift bag with yellow tissue paper.

To each his or her own; I'm certainly not saying that one weekend was better than the other. I'm just glad I got to choose how I spent mine. T, thanks for a wonderful time! Can't wait to do it again soon.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Royale with cheese...

That's a kir royale with a cheese plate, thank you very much.

Creme de la creme: Creme de Cassis...

P is going smelting next weekend (yes, smelting), so I want to plan an extra girly event with my lovely friend T. She is a lady who also appreciates things that are pink, and drinking champagne. I love her.

T enjoys the color pink, and drinking champagne....

We could do an outing for hot chocolate, high tea, go for manicures at Beauty Spa, or perhaps watch an Oscar-nominated film while drinking champagne (I'm thinking Atonement, rather than There Will be Blood). Just bought a bottle of aforementioned cassis, so this would be a wonderful opportunity to open it... I have to check in with T on all of this, but in the meantime, any ideas?


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be my...


Figure 1: Attempting craftiness...

For the past four years, P and I have gone to the People's Republik to drink beer on Valentine's Day. This year, we are headed to DC for work, so our usual ritual will be disrupted. When we return, we will actually do some mushy stuff, which (duh) will mostly involve making dinner at home and drinking champagne. Creature of habit, am I.

P is always, always doing sweet things for me to the point where I feel like I don't do enough to let him know how much I appreciate him. I whipped up the card in figure 1 as a very, very tiny gesture.

A peek inside...

And, I also have a token of my love and appreciation for him:

It's thematic, just wait....

I'm sure I'll update you on our post V-Day fete at home (whether you like it or not), complete with cell phone photos.

Until then,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Planes, trains, & automobiles

First class, I am first class.

I love travel agents who save you after you are stupid and miss your train because you forgot your wallet, you had no cash, there was a "switch" problem with the T, all the ATMs in the entire terminal were down, your flight was cancelled, and your new seat is in row 13. I also love refundable tickets, car services, ginger ale, and unexpected upgrades to first class.

Mostly, I love coming home.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Laissez les bons temps rouler...

Yesterday was not only Super Tuesday, but also Mardi Gras, two occasions that P and I feel strongly should be appropriately celebrated. We started out the day by doing our civic duty and voting, as one should on election day. I lost my "I voted" sticker, but P proudly displayed his while we prepared our Mardi Gras feast.

P voted...
I told him to "look earnest" in this picture.

We had decided in advance that we would be making jambalaya and set right to work chopping up the holy trinity along with chicken, shrimp, ham, spices.... Cooking such as this requires the right atmosphere, of course. I had planned on having hurricanes while we prepared dinner, but apparently they call for passion fruit juice, amaretto, and a bunch of other stuff, which was way too complicated for me to deal with. Instead, we kept it super simple, and didn't even touch the Abita we had lined up:

Keeping it simple - Mr. Gibson, meet Martini....

Appropriate attire (in addition to P's sticker) included our pajamas, and strands of pearls from my Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal shower.

These pearls have turned out to be very useful (from my shower in May)...
Final atmospheric prep included a New Orleans Soundrack:
As I've mentioned, I love New Orleans. It is such a unique treasure, and we can't wait to go back. We're thinking next spring. In the meantime, I will learn to make a mean Hurricane...

The finished product....


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Marvelous Ms. M...

[Photo courtesy of my amazing photgrapher
Daria Bishop. Love her]

This evening, while P and I were drinking cucumber lemon martinis and making butternut squash risotto, we were also discussing one of my wonderful childhood friends, the Marvelous Ms. M. M has inspired me all my life, but especially since she lived abroad with such confidence in 5th grade, returning to the sheltered NoCo with worldly wisdom on sex ed in other countries, and a self-assuredness that I wish could be instilled in all young women.

M has lived in Kenya, among other countries, has taught English, has taught for America, is beautiful, confident, smart, and inspiring. I admire her. She will go far.


Friday, February 1, 2008


No, really! TGIF. I've been waking up every day since Wednesday thinking that it is Friday. Cruel world! However, when I woke up today, it really was Friday. What a relief. Nothing horrible happened this week, but the anticipation of the weekend has been killing me for some reason. Here are some things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

Oui! Je t'aime, Paris!

1. Watching Paris, je t'aime (ooh, la la, I will drink wine while watching).

J'aime bien ce vin.

2. Wearing the fuzzy, magenta socks my brother gave me for Christmas.

3. Cooking butternut squash risotto.

This book is about some of my favorite
things (food) and places (Paris, New Orleans)...

4. Spending quiet time at home reading this book instead of watching the Super Bowl. It has tons of gorgeous recipes in it.

5. Sleeping in.

Happy Friday,