Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Part III: A Lovely little lady...

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Tiny Lady E

When A&T were expecting baby E, they didn't know whether E would be a he or a she. When E finally made her appearance, the doctor said: "It's a lady!" In reply, A said: "What?!" A girl, T explained.

I must say, baby E certainly is a little lady. Beyond adorable, and bearing quite a resemblance to her lovely mother.

A,T, & E celebrate Christmas...

P&I (I especially) were thrilled to meet her and get to spend time with her parents. I hadn't seen A since her shower back in October. E dozed snugly in her swing most of the time leaving the adults to feast on Thai food. We definitely over-ordered, but especially enjoyed T's extra-thick "soup" and the "golden bags." I think they were called golden bags, or maybe something else equally as appetizing?

We had such a nice time that we decided to stay the night in E's bedroom. Sorry to kick you out of your room, baby!

E and Me!

The next morning, we were on the road back to B&B's, winding up our trip with some quiet(er) time with P's parents and a few friends. Then back in the car for the last leg back home. Our grand tour came to a close. Phew! Or, sigh....

I loved seeing you A&T and was thrilled to meet little E! Miss you tons already. Can't wait until you are all closer next year.

PS: don't want to forget the "first" child, Moose...


tera said...

she is the sweetest thing. And yes, she does look just like A. I'm quite jealous that you are going to be close enough to watch her grow up!

Courtney said...

She is so sweet, and looks just like A! We can't wait to meet her...it's pretty hard to figure out how to go 6 hours out of your way on an already 8 hour trip with a toddler, but we'll get that way, soon.

I am envious that you both have seen her!

Lady L said...

Let's all move together and form a commune.