Sunday, December 30, 2007

H.A.S., #5: Holiday Redux, Part I

M&D celebrate NoCo Christmas
Merry Christmas, and happy anticipation of New Year's Eve tomorrow! A lot has happened since H.A.S. #4, so it will most likely take me a few posts to catch up. I thought I would start with part I of our grand holiday tour of NY State...

Part I: The NoCo (North Country, for the uninitiated)
Every time I take P to Potsdam, I promise him we will do all these cool NoCo things, like, go to Canada, and to this bar called "The Lounge," or just "Lounge." It's a fantastic place located next to a Chinese take-out place and a retirement settlement, but I'll get to that later. Anyway, I can honestly say that I was successful this time! P had some true NoCo adventures.

The day after arriving in Pdam, we hopped in the car with my parents for an afternoon trip to Ottawa, our closest major city. What fun it was! We had some tasty Vietnamese soups and noodles for lunch, then walked around the Byward Market picking up various cheeses, pastries, and pates along the way. It was damp and chilly, which made each little shop we popped into seem extra cozy. We ended the day at a comfy, warm pub for a pint with my parents. I had a half-pint.

L has a half-pint with the parents

P in a foreign country.
Doesn't he look happy in his natural habitat?

Other adventures included drinks with friends C&A at Maxfield's, stuffing our faces at home with my parents (400 grams of Canadian-imported pate down the hatch), and a particularly fun visit to LOUNGE. Now, Lounge deserves a post of its own, but I include a picture here of native Pdamians and P enjoying Lounge. It is no longer a mythical place for P, but a fantastic reality. We. Love. Lounge.

V, P, L enjoy LOUNGE,
lit by the heavenly glow of Labbatt's Blue...

During our stay with my parents we ate, and ate, and ate. In addition to the aforementioned pate, we had homemade spaghetti and meatballs, pork tenderloin, cornish hens, baked ham, multiple cheeses, cookies, baklava, a Christmas pudding from Harrods that I lugged back from London with me, wine, wine, wine, a delicious dirty martini (or two)... the rest is a blur.

Here we are post-feasting, wearing our Christmas Cracker crowns....

Christmas morning was truly lovely. We had lots of snow out the window, a twinkling tree, faux-log burning in the fireplace, and pretty presents for all. Then, of course, we had breakfast (Pannetone, eggs benedict, coffee...). You would think that we are quite large people, but I think we only gained a few pounds. We eat like champs. Need the food to beat the NoCo winter.

The day after Christmas leads to Part II: Victor, or the great tour of WNY. Stay tuned...

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