Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holiday Anticipation Series, #1

Anticipating Christmas back in 2006...

Many people complain that as soon as Halloween candy goes on sale November 1st, that everything Christmas hits the stores, too. I, however, am not of this mindset. I love the anticipation and celebration of this season, and it helps me get through those first few months where it really starts to get horrifically cold. Instead of thinking: oh god, it's cold, my nose is gonna freaking fall off; you instead think of: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and jack frost that is only nipping at your nose, not freezing the blood in your capillaries. See? This season puts together in our minds warm interiors, and outside winter wonderlands, sparkly things, food, friends, family, and, oh yeah, baby Jesus -- what more could you ask for?

So, anyway, I especially enjoyed my first post-Halloween trip to Target yesterday because the store is filled with Christmas dish towels, Christmas trees, things that smell nice and Christmasy. Predictably, I bought 4 seasonal smelling candles [P: How many candles to you have in the line up (before you buy 50 more - I could hear it in his head)? L: Look, I am not addicted to heroin, I don't smoke, so there are a lot worse things I could be buying.]

I realize I'm completely passing over Thanksgiving here, so promise to force myself to cover that territory in #2 post of this series. I've just ordered myself (and for P, too) a real, honest-to-goodness roasting pan (with rack!) so that this will be the first year that we will not have to use one of those disposable aluminum pans. Last year we poked a hole in the bottom of the pan accidentally -- not good for keeping the smoking oven factor down.

On this note, welcome to my "Holiday Anticipation Series" of posts. I can/will go on and on about this stuff. I wonder what I'll write about in March...

[Note: While I am all about the sensitivity of "happy holidays," I hate that it's become unnatural feeling to say "Merry Christmas," even to someone else who you know celebrates Christmas. When I say "holidays" in this series of posts, I mean CHRISTMAS, DAMMIT! Of course, I hope everyone enjoys their respective holidays.]

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Courtney said...

I love the holidays (erm, Christmas) too! All of it...including the pre-Thanksgiving Target runs. I also, however, love that I do NOT have a roasting pan. I have a fantastically-stocked kitchen, with nearly everything I could ever want, all in stainless steel, but I am just FAR too lazy to wash out a big roasting pan. FAR too lazy. Enjoy your candles...I am still loving my pumpkin spice one that has been burning in our kitchen!

Love you,