Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coming home

Exhibit A

What a crazy fall this has been. Between me and P, I think we have had somewhere around 11 trips between us. I think this is part of the reason I'm looking forward to the holidays -- time off!

P has a tradition of procuring "Cultural Gifts" for me when he travels. Some of these have included: a pickle in a can from Germany, a Mississippi snow globe, and a Chipper Jones bobblehead from Atlanta. Perhaps more enjoyable have been Swiss and German chocolates, hot sauce, and interesting post cards. Now, he has taken travel rituals to a new level. Exibit A, above, is a "Welcome Home" shrine he created for me to arrive to after a trip. Here is a close up of the note he included:

Exhibit B

Flowers to make me smile, bourbon to take the edge off, and Pirate's Booty to make sure I am not cranky. What a guy. I'm off to NYC tomorrow, the same day he returns from his great adventures in "The South." I'll have to think of something to leave him to welcome him home in my absence. Ideas?


Pucho Brown said...

Ah yes, the cultural gift. 8 more hours in The South (specifically, Kentucky) and--alas--the perfect cultural gift eludes me. Hmmm...

Courtney said...

Pucho...Everybody knows that in KY, you bring back a "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" t-shirt. Or at least a little pin. :)

I used to leave A notes throughout the house whenever I had to travel for work. He'd find them (or sometimes not) in my absence.

I'd also stock the freezer with a bottle of Grey Goose, and a fresh jar of olives...if for no other reason, than to make the time go by a bit faster (at blur-speed!).

Hope your lives settle down soon. We spent a fair chunk of our first few months of marriage traveling in different states.