Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beautiful breakfast

Berries, brown sugar, and walnuts...

This is a photo of my breakfast this morning. I'm not sure it looks as good here as it did sitting on my counter with morning sunlight streaming in on it. I love steel cut oats. They have the coolest texture and kind of "pop" in your mouth. P's mom introduced me to the berries and walnuts on top. Very delicious, but I have a horrid sweet tooth and still need to spoon some dark brown sugar over it all. Well, actually, first the oatmeal goes in the bowl, then the brown sugar, then berries, walnuts, then milk. Organic milk. I am freaked out by hormones in meat and dairy lately, so only drink very expensive hormone free milk. It comes in a pretty blue carton, so that coupled with no hormones is worth the extra moolah.

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