Sunday, October 14, 2007

Winning is Fun

I like to win, although I won't admit is when we're about to sit down to a board game. Oftentimes, I don't play games at parties because I hate losing, and don't really enjoy just playing for the heck of it. This is in conflict with my self-image as a non-competitive person.

However, one thing that allows me to play without losing even if I don't win, is the business card drawing that you find all over the place: at restaurants, stores, spas, etc. I drop my card with abandon. First because I love, love business cards, and secondly because you can't beat playing and not losing even if you don't win. ESPECIALLY when you do actually win.

This has happened to me on two occasions so far:

1. I won 2 free burritos (I graciously gave one to my co-worker).

2. I just recently found out that I have won a private wine tasting for 10 of my friends at my favorite wine store in town, Best Cellars. 3 Reds, 3 Whites, fun times.

So, Cheers to me. I win without being competitive and get to make others happy as well. 9 friends, to be exact.

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