Monday, October 15, 2007

Lovely shower, lazy day...

Tiny Ladies... you can hardly see us!
At the Roycroft Inn

This past weekend P & I drove out to western NY so I could attend a baby shower for my oldest friend. I have know A since she was born (I only beat her t0 the world by 6mos, so that's saying a lot), and now she's about to have a new family member. Don't know if it will be a little guy or little gal... [By the way, I love the word "gal," I've been using it a lot lately. I think Esther is influencing me.] The shower was really lovely. Just a pleasant afternoon sipping mimosas, eating chocolate cake with blue icing. La- la la- la la dee-da.

We then returned to A's supercute house, which was filled with one of my favorite things (about which I have posted at length)- nice smelling candles. I want to be A like I want Martha to be friends with me. Husband T kept the wine flowing and fed us cheese. It was so wonderful to just cuddle up on the couch to spend time with good friends.

We then ate real Buffalo wings and pizza. Ugh. I hate myself. Well, no, I don't, it was good, but I can't eat like I did in college, that is for sure.

Ladylike post-Buffalo Wings...

The only thing missing was M down in FL! We missed you, lady. P always tells me how much happier I seem after spending time with these girls. I think we need to move closer together.

Until our next meeting!


Courtney said...

I miss you guys already! I am ALWAYS happier after one of our get-togethers!

Lady L said...

I love you!!

tera said...

waaaah (that was a crying noise). I miss you guys, too. Love the Buffalo wing photo complete with proper fall centerpiece and tablecloth. I do not own a tablecloth, and have only recently purchased a table.
Some catching up to do...