Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The List

So, I have a terrible tendency to worry and stress, and generally work myself up over small things. I'm not sure this is apparent to people I don't know, but the internal result is not so nice. Since I've been way too lazy to go to the gym of late, I've decided to find another way to perk myself up. After all, there are lots of things I like and that make me quite happy.

A few (or maybe several) months ago, my officemate at the time gave me a little test. She told me to take 2 minutes to make a list of all the things in life that are important to me. [Me, writing the list.] Then, she asked me to look at that list and ask myself if I am living my life according to that list of things I deemed important.

Of course, I'm not quite sure where the list has gone to. More and more frequently, I find that I am inclined to organize first and think later, as my husband can attest to ("Where did my coffee mug go? I set it here on the counter just a minute ago." - I'm sure I put it in the dishwasher 30 seconds earlier). This leads me to believe that this very important list is on a flash drive in my apartment (or in my black work bag, not sure which).

I do recall several items on that list: family, French, cheese, travel, nice hotels, cashmere. I'm sure there were more meaningful things on the list like job security yadda yadda, the list brought to light the fact that I just really LIKE a lot of stuff, and wouldn't it be nice to make sure I appreciate those things and make sure I incorporate them into my everyday and share them with those I love. Whether they care or not.

This brings me to this first blog post. We'll see how it goes. I will either get terribly addicted to this blogging biz (although at this moment I write, I'm the only one authorized to read it), or I will give it up in a few weeks. I have tried keeping journals before and they usually lasted an entry or two, then I would realize I wasn't being honest about my feelings in my OWN journal, so, in effect, was lying to myself, which was pointless.

This is an attempt at a different approach though. It will be an experiment to see if blogging is something else I can add to the happy/important list (champagne was also on there, or it should be). Instead of starting a journal to pour out the stress of the day, I will try to come here to think lovely thoughts and reflect on happiness.


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