Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gamine, Beguine, Tagine!

I like to take photos of my meals with my cell phone...

It's been awhile, and what do you know -- without my regular blogging of happy thoughts, my angst has definitely increased. Correlation? Yes. Now to prove cause and effect by finally writing another entry. We'll see if things start looking up!

I like to take picture with my cell phone of the meals P and I prepare. I have several tiny square-photo masterpieces of all sorts of tasty dishes. In this post, I will use some SAT words, share a favorite recipe, and, most importantly, reflect on a tiny lovely part of my life -- food.

The words I've chosen to title this post, make me happy, rhyme, and could potentially describe a day cooking in my kitchen. Let's start backward from "Tagine."

I love my tagine. It is a beautiful blue, my mom gave it to me as a pre-wedding present, and it inspires me to cook Moroccan food while listening to "Rock the Casbah." By the way, a "kasbah is like a walled city-type place. Or a big fort-ish area.When "Rock the Kasbah" ends, I try to find some other North African or French music to inspire.

Beguine: a vigorous popular dance of the islands of Saint Lucia and Martinique that somewhat resembles the rumba. American French béguine, from French béguin flirtation. Got that? The kitchen music can sometimes inspire dancing on my part.

As for Gamine, I'm going with Miriam Webster's second definition: a small playfully mischievous girl; rather than the first of : a girl who hangs around on the streets. Although I have been seen out and about Haggerty Road in my day. In any case I'm a gamine in the kitchen. That's a noun, right?

Finally, in my tagine pictured above is a delicious lamb stew-type dish (ok, it's also called a "tagine"). It has honey, prunes, saffron, all sorts of good stuff. It is also, and perhaps most importantly, very easy to make. Check it out here. I actually also have Cooking at the Kasbah -- it has beautiful photos, and contains recipes I can actually make, which is good for building confidence in the kitchen...

Ok, off to think happy thoughts for the rest of the day.
PS - pictured with my tagine is a very tasty cucumber lemonade gin martini. Delish! Seriously, the cucumber lemonade mix is worth $4.50 and there are lots of other tasty flavors, too!

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Alysser said...

Christmas candles! Cookbooks! Steel-cut oats with berries and nuts! Pirate's Booty! I don't even like martinis but Cucumber lemonade gin martinis sound divine...Martha Stewart should be afraid, Lear. Very afraid....