Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Easy to Love

Ah, Esther. For me, watching Esther Williams movies is akin to two glasses of wine drunk very quicky, or perhaps 1/2 valium. These movies will seriously smooth out your brain waves; total escapism to another time. You have to love movies that are described using adjectives like "swell" and "wacky."

My new husband was so wonderful as to gift me with a set of Esther's first four movies from 1944 including: Bathing Beauty, Easy to Wed, On an Island with You, Neptune's Daughter, & Dangerous When Wet. The best thing about these movies is you don't even really have to watch them to get the full effect. They can kind of be on in the background and you can wander in and out of the room and get a little dose whenever you like.

The other day, my boss mentioned to me that he had taken his two young daughters to the community pool, and was trying to explain through demonstration who Esther Williams is. I excitedly told him about my gift, and then paused for a second to think whether or not it is wise to reveal to your boss that you have an EW addiction. I quickly decided it was fine, since he had first told me he was pretending to be her. I offered to lend him my movies, er, for his daughters, and brought them in the next day.

They LOVED the movies. Not just the girls, but my boss and his wife, too. In fact, he told me that they watched two of the movies back to back in bed one morning. He then asked if they could keep the set for another weekend...

I'm starting to go into withdrawl, so hopefully I'll get them back soon.

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